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When it comes to supporting The UN Global Goals we believe that it’s vital to be true to yourself and play to your strengths.

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which set out to end extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

The objectives include ending world hunger, ensuring education opportunities, achieving gender equality, protecting forests and oceans, building sustainable cities and improving health and education around the world.


Co-working office space by Christie Spaces


This is where playing to your strengths comes in.

We can all do our bit in all areas of these Sustainable Development Goals through good business practices and positive initiatives in our daily lives. However, how do we ensure that we are making the greatest impact for the greatest number of people?


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The very nature of Christie Spaces means that we will be able to effect a much larger change towards some of the Goals than others. For example, Christie Spaces believes in small businesses. We are supporters of startups, entrepreneurs and everyone out there who ever had a great idea.

So how can we leverage our passion into creating the biggest possible strides towards one or more of these 17 Goals?

We decided that business was the answer – If we support sustainable business in countries where poverty and food security is an issue then we can stimulate local economies and improve the lives of entire communities. If Christie’s is able to fund education and training programs, we can help families grow successful businesses and promote life-changing opportunities for generations to come.

That was when we discovered the pioneers of socially focused microfinancing, Opportunity International Australia.


Co-working offices by Christie


This Australian not-for-profit provides financial solutions and training to families around the world, enabling them to end their own poverty and achieve a life of dignity and purpose.

Opportunity International helps families buy a sewing machine, a fishing boat, seeds or utensils – Whatever is needed to build a successful small business. And when families succeed in raising themselves out of hunger and poverty, the loans are repaid and lent out again creating more opportunities for more people. They provide training in finance and business and help families diversify and grow their business.


Co-working spaces by Christie Spaces


We had found a partner that was changing the lives of thousands of people around the world and achieving it through giving people a hand up and supporting local business.

Christie Spaces had found our Goals in ending world hunger and poverty by 2030 and supporting economic growth as a force for good for the whole planet. And because we support entrepreneurs all over Australia, that is why we also choose to support microentrepreneurs in Varanassi, India.



Every new member of the Christie community will help provide a microloan to a family each year, allowing them to grow their great ideas and end hunger and poverty through sustainable business opportunities within their own communities.

This is how we give and do our part to support an end to hunger and poverty by 2030. This is how we become Goalkeepers.


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