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Christie Spaces, the leader in co-working spaces


Gunja is a mother of three from Varanasi India.

She and her husband struggled to make a living. The little money they made was spent on renting equipment for their business and the leftovers were spent on food for the family. Like many families in India, the kids had never stepped inside a classroom.

Gunja's situation is not unique.

So many people are born into an endless life-cycle of poverty without the small leg up they need to get themselves out of it. These are bright and innovative individuals, with the strategy, knowledge and understanding to create successful businesses, they just lack the initial funds.

This is where we come in.

Christie Spaces believes in empowering entrepreneurs in Australia and beyond. We bloody love an underdog, and we are consistently amazed by the exceptional women and men that Opportunity International support. We strive to create self-sustaining communities, with some bold goals in our future.

Christie Spaces, the co-working spaces leader


Thanks to Opportunity International's support, Gunja and her family were given a new start. Gunja’s group of five women were able to take out a small loan through Cashpor, Opportunity International's partner. She used the money to buy equipment for her business making garlands. Without the need to rent equipment anymore, Gunja could begin saving more money for the future.

“Now since we are making money through our business we can save”

Through her small loan, Gunja is not only free from debt, but she has enough money to send her children to school and offer them a brighter future.



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