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Meet our Team: Kathy from North Sydney

"Christie Spaces is like my family.... and you have to look after your family"


With 40 years of experience in the flexible workspace industry, Christie Spaces knows how to make a workspace work - and behind that longevity and success is the Christie Spaces team. Across any of 6 our properties, you can find a member of our team that has been with Christie Spaces for most of their career; and now more than ever we appreciate the work ethic and dedication of our cleaning and services teams. At our North Sydney properties, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know and love our Kathy. Well known throughout both our Walker & Berry Street properties, Kathy welcomes the members and staff of Walker & Berry streets with a friendly “Good morning!” and a big smile everyday. Along with her husband Jimmy, she has been a part of the Christie Spaces community in Sydney for 13 years. We caught up with Kathy earlier this week to check in and see how this valuable team member has been dealing with the new cleaning standards throughout our properties.

How long have you been working here?

“For this company - it has been about 12 or 13 years. But I also had another 3 years before, with the company that became Christie Spaces in about 2007."

Wow – that’s quite a long time!

“Yes, it’s been so long now that it feels like home when I’m here. And honestly, I’d give my life for this company, because it has given me love and support - just everything for all the years I’ve been here. It feels more and more like home every day, and I find that I worry about everything. You know sometimes I get upset and I worry, because I see the people that come through here - they don’t care sometimes. And I say to them, “This is something you have to look after. It’s your job, your office. It gives you your bread, it helps you support your family, it’s an important thing” – you know?

But maybe that’s just me, because I love it here – I love Christie Spaces. And also - my second name is Krystal!”

Is it really?

“Yes - Katerina Krystal.”

So it was meant to be then?

“Yes - ask my husband Jimmy, more and more I like it here more than my own home. I like working with Mr. Christie because he looks after me and he respects me. He never forgets anything. If anything worries him, he comes and he talks to me. It’s the same with Sandra (our Leasing Manager for North Sydney) – it’s everyone.”



What’s your favourite thing about working at Christie Spaces?

“My favourite thing is coming in here everyday and working with everyone. Because the people here, they respect me and I love the staff here. Especially Mr. Christie, because he really respects me.”

Well, you’re very loved around here as well! You’re very much the Mum of our workplace.

“Yes, yes - it might be because sometimes I scream at everyone, but it’s because I love everyone. Some people are surprised because I am always screaming, but I think I look after the tenants. You know, my grandkids all live far away, so I like being here and around all the people. Sometimes I scream at them, but it’s the same with my family and the same with my kids. I say “do your work, and finish your job”, but afterwards I make a coffee and I relax with everyone.

Because I love it here, I try to check in with all our members to see how they are going. I ask everyone: “Why would you ever go? Why would you go to another building? If you have any issues - go talk to the leasing team. We can always help you. Christie Spaces can work with you.”

You really take the time to look after the building and the members here.

“Oh yes, if I see someone doing something wrong, oh! I go crazy. Because it’s like my own home. Jim – he says – you worry more about the job than your own house, and to that I say, “when I’m here this is my home.” I love the people here, they are very kind, especially Mr. Christie, Lou, Sandra & everybody else; so it feels just like my family.

Everybody who works for this company, has to in turn look after the company. It doesn’t matter what your job here is – you’re family. Every day or night when new people come in – I say “Welcome to Christie Spaces, if anything’s a problem - come and talk to me and we’ll work it out together.”

You know - when you work here, you have to respect this company, it gives you your bread. You have to respect everyone, and you have to be kind. But maybe that’s just the way I was brought up - you have to look after whoever looks after you. You have to look after your family.”


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