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Meet our Members: Melissa from North Sydney

Having just moved in July this year, Melissa and RedRain are some of the newest members of the Christie Spaces community. Based in our Bery Street, North Sydney location - Melissa has said that moving from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD into a North Sydney office space was "the best thing we've done."


Melissa and her company RedRain specialise in legal software, more specifically practise management systems for law firmsEstablished 15 years agoRedRain operates throughout the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia. 


Their software – including their main offering of RedView – is all natively developed in-house, so a reliable IT infrastructure is essential for their business. With COVID-19 pushing their clients in more mobile and agile roles, their services have become more essential than ever. 


woman working coworking
Melissa working at Christie Spaces Berry St.

playing arcade game Josh attempting to beat Melissa's score on Galaga.



As well as enjoying their new location and community, Melissa has also taken advantage of our facilities around the building, including our arcade games and pool tables. If you happen to see the top score of Galaga held by an ‘MEA’  or 'MEL' in Berry St. – that would be Melissa! The undisputed champion of the game, even our property manager Josh hasn’t been able to overtake her high score. 

See you around the building, Melissa! 


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